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We also offer School Educational and Reading Assembly Shows, Library Shows, Day Care and Preschool Shows! This year's programs include a B.A.N.D. - No Bullies Allowed Show, Reading Is Magic Show, Winter Wonder Reading Show, a Spring Into Reading Show, a Spooky Goofy Reading and Safety Show and a Just For Fun Magic Show.

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Keys To Character
A treasure hunt to find the real
Keys to Character in the sands of Egypt!

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We are now Booking Summer Camps, VBS and Kid’s Crusades and shows for the Fall and Winter. If you are planning an Upward Awards Night, Awana’s Award Night or any other event, then call now to get the date you want.

The Newest Theme for VBSs, Kid and Family Camps
and Kid and Family Crusades!

Ladies and Gentleman and Children of all Ages! Vertical Kids Ministry Presents:

The Greatest Show Not On Earth is a Circus themed program that will take the student into a fantastic world of imagination filled with animal puppets, clowns, Christian illusions, juggling, balloon twisting, costumes, games, stories, scripture verses, singing and The Wordless Book to share what heaven is like; where and when sin came into the world; God's promise of sending a Savior to forgive and take our sins away; the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and how to grow in a relationship with Him. Each day of your event we will focus on a color from The Wordless Book. Each one of the colors tells a story. These colors in order are gold, black, red, white and green.

We come in and provide you with a 3 – 5 night Crusade, Vacation Bible School, Kid’s or Family Crusade or Kid’s Camp. Each night our teaching lasts about 1 ½ hours in length. For camps we work with your schedules for day and night.

We provide the decorations, the back drop, the teaching, the entertainment, the games, the music and the Gospel Message.

This event is in no way associated with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: The Greatest Show On Earth program. Our show is only done to share the message of Jesus Christ.

Earl and Mike The Monkey
  The Juggling Circus
Three Ball Gospel Illustration
  USO the Clown performing E-Z Sew
Little Rascal & Ringo The Raccoon Cannonball
  Dusty The Dragon

Vertical Kids Ministry is here to help you Grow Up Your Kids In Christ!

With a combination of cool illusions, puppets, juggling, interactive singing, costumes, ballooning, games, humor and audience participation, Vertical Kids Ministry provides a great deal of entertainment as well as solid spiritual value.

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Vertical Kids Ministry has a Brand New way for you to support our ministry! If you would like to donate using your credit card we have set up a way for you to do that online right here from our website using PayPal. All you need to do is click on the button below and follow the instructions. It's an easy process and another way our faithful supporters can donate to our ministry. Thanks, and God Bless!!

Vertical Kids Ministry is great for all ages! Equally adept at entertaining children, youth, college, and adults, we are able to present a program that families can enjoy together. Through everything we do, we strive to create a genuine connection with the children, youth and adults! From Family Events and Homecoming Celebrations to Kids Church and VBS, Vertical Kids Ministry will always adapt to meet your needs. We also have activities and entertainment suitable for Outreach, Holiday Parties and Outdoor Events.

More than mere entertainment, our programs present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using Christian Magic and Illusions, Vertical Kids Ministry is perfect for an outreach event. A magic show can build excitement and draw in a larger crowd. Once a relationship has been established and we have captured the audience's attention, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be presented in a simple and meaningful way.

Whether you are looking for entertainment for a banquet, or a motivational message at a camp or retreat, Vertical Kids Ministry is exactly what you need. We can tailor a program, or a series of programs, designed to meet your unique needs. Every Vertical Kids Ministry event is an excellent opportunity to invite un-churched friends and family to a non-threatening environment where the love of God can be planted in their life.

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"Juggling Fun with Earl Long"

“The Gospel Shared Using The Joy Box”

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